BD Beats 2024

Broadview Danforth Beats 2024


Rudy Ray

Raha Javanfar Band

Ori Dagan

Fat Quarter Band

Joanne Powell

Linda Carone

Suzi & Doug

Fraser Melvin Band

Tim Bovaconti Band

Graham Nicholas Band

Toronto Jazz Collective

Alex McCulloch Band

Mike T Kerr Band

Carl Bray Band

Tzevi Sherman and the 401 Express

Chloe Watkinson Quartet

All Angels Jazz Band

Quality Building Supplies

Hammond Morgan

Adam Beer Colacino

Roast Chicken Ramblers

Kyle Sullivan

Alan Zamaitis Trio

Fergus Hambleton

Jessica Stuart Trio

The Del Fi's

Ricky Toledo Band

Roots Down Band

Sean Stanley Trio


We are incredibly grateful for our new and returning sponsors that help make BD Beats come true

Accessibility Sponsor Choice Properties

Teuta Guci Real Estate

Carrot Common Shops, Grocery, & Health Professionals


Check back frequently as we add more bands!

 Date 337 Danforth Ave Parkette
6pm - 9pm
156 Danforth Parkette
6pm - 9pm
348 Danforth Carrot Common Courtyard
1pm - 4pm
Thu Jun 6 Rudy Ray Fraser Melvin Band  
Fri Jun 7 Raha Javanfar Band Tim Bovaconti Band   
Sun Jun 9      Graham Nicholas Band
Thu Jun 13 Ori Dagan All Angels Jazz Band   
Fri Jun 14 Rudy Ray Quality Building Supplies   
Sun Jun 16      Hammond Morgan 
Thu Jun 20 Rudy Ray Ricky Toledo Band  
Fri Jun 21 Ori Dagan Fergus Hambleton  
Sun Jun 23      Roast Chicken Ramblers
Thu Jun 27 Fat Quarter Band Jessica Stuart Trio  
Fri Jun 28 Rudy Ray The Del Fi's  
Sun Jun 30      Alan Zamaitis Trio
Thu Jul 4 Rudy Ray Toronto Jazz Collective  
Fri Jul 5 Chloe Watkinson Quartet Alex McCulloch Band  
Sun Jul 7      Alan Zamaitis Trio
Thu Jul 11 Ori Dagan All Angels Jazz Band  
Fri Jul 12 Rudy Ray Tim Bovaconti Band  
Sun Jul 14      Alan Zamaitis Trio
Thu Jul 18 Rudy Ray Fraser Melvin Band  
Fri Jul 19 Ori Dagan Roast Chicken Ramblers  
Sun Jul 21      Mike T Kerry Band
Thu Jul 25 Joanne Powell Roots Down Band  
Fri Jul 26 Rudy Ray Tim Bovaconti Band   
Sun Jul 28      Carl Bray Band 
Thu Aug 1 Ori Dagan Toronto Jazz Collective   
Fri Aug 2 Linda Carone TBD  
Sun Aug 4      TBD 
Thu Aug 8 Rudy Ray  Fraser Melvin Band  
Fri Aug 9 Ori Dagan  Fergus Hambleton Band   
Sun Aug 11      Sean Stanley Trio 
Thu Aug 15 Raha Javanfar Band  Roots Down Band   
Fri Aug 16 Van Sulli  Tzevi Sherman and the 401 Express   
Sun Aug 18      TBD 
Thu Aug 22 Rudy Ray  Fraser Melvin Band   
Fri Aug 23 Fat Quarter Band  Roast Chicken Ramblers   
Sun Aug 25      Alan Zamaitis Trio 
Thu Aug 29 Suzi & Doug  Jessica Stuart Trio   
Fri Aug 30 Rudy Ray  Tim Bovaconti Band   
Sun Sep 1     TBD 

A Great Area to Locate your Business

A Dynamic Retail & Restaurant District

Being part of the Danforth Business community puts your business front and centre in one of Toronto’s most dynamic retail and restaurant districts that is a popular choice for the surrounding community of Riverdale as well as the "close by" communities of the Beach, Cabbagetown and Rosedale.

Since 2010, we created an active event-based marketing program called The Danforth Experience that generates awareness and excitement for our area and is a celebration throughout the year of all that is local and great to experience “on the Danforth".

In addition, our district is the shared home to Canada’s largest Food Festival, Taste of the Danforth, created by our neighbours from the Greektown BIA.  The Taste draws more that 1 million visitors annually to our area and represents a great profiling and business opportunity for a wide range of businesses with a diverse audience from the GTA and beyond.

A Neighbourhood with Strong Roots and a History of Community

To look into the future of the Danforth it is important to recognize its rich history and tradition.

The busy, cosmopolitan area that makes up today’s Danforth was in 1900 a largely rural area anchored by two family farms located immediately north and south of Danforth. Most people today would find it hard to recognize the Broadview & Danforth corner in 1906 when it was home to a blacksmith on the North East corner as the only structure.

Being part of the Danforth Business community puts your business front and centre in one of Toronto’s most dynamic retail and restaurant districts.   It is a popular choice for the surrounding community of Riverdale as well as the a easy and convenient destination for neighbouring communities of the Beach, Cabbagetown and Rosedale.

Viewed through the lens of history it is clear that the Danforth has embodied growth and change throughout the many decades since it first began to expand. Throughout, it has always remained a community that offers families of diverse backgrounds the opportunity to grow and prosper. It is a firm foundation that retailers and restaurateurs can join and take advantage of in building long term and enduring relationships with the more than 12,800 working age adults who call the area home. The Danforth BIA looks forward to helping to shape the next century of growth in our area and to continuing to increase the vibrancy and energy in our neighbourhood in balance with the traditions and aspirations of our residents.

A Community That Celebrates and Embraces Diversity

At its core the Danforth celebrates and embraces a diversity that positively shapes the ability of business owners to create unique retail and restaurant experiences. With an early history of British, Irish and Scottish immigration lasting the 19th century, the area has also been home to waves of Italian, Estonian and Greek immigration among many groups who have all left their mark on the community. With its close proximity and access to downtown, The Danforth has become a popular location for progressive, young urban couples and families over the past few decades including many members of the lesbian and gay community. It is an area that is gifted with more than its fair share of artists, musicians, writers and journalists who enjoy the easy going neighbourhood they all call home.

The impact of this diversity is seen in the many unique businesses that call the Danforth home including one-of-a-kind retailers in fashion, eco friendly living, organic foods, gifts and an endless variety of dining options from worldwide cultures. On the Danforth you can enjoy a ham and egg breakfast, an Indian lunch, a Brazilian dinner all while you shop for the latest in bridal fashion, floral design, footwear, pet products, antiques and gifts from around the world. Why not take a dance lesson and wrap up the evening with some live entertainment at one of the many bars and pubs located here. Is it any wonder residents love to walk the Danforth and encourage their friends from other areas of the city to come and join them in the experience?

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